atelier100s+1 competetion & exhibition return



   2013   ZHICHITANG,“artchitecture-The Way We Design”(Today Art Museum)


   2013   A House With Two Piece Of Doors,Beijing Design Week 2013(751D.PARK)


   2013   A Box Of Instant,“Beyond Artchitecture”(Today Art Museum)


   2013   Self-Deportation Yu Zhenli Solo Exhibition(Today Art Museum)


   2011   Suzhou Kunshan Planning Museum Exhibition Design


   2011   Guangzhou Zengcheng Planning Museum Exhibition Design


   2011   Beijing Science and Technology Industrial Museum Exhibition Design


   2011   Shenyang Greentown Exhibition Plan


   2010   Domus Exhibition 2010,Beijing(798 Art District)


   2010   Captive Clouds (Beijing Times Art Museum)


   2008   New school plan,Retumu   

   2008   D-park in 751,the 3rd beijing architecture biennale   

   2008   Studio—village, Domus IN SPACE   

   2005   9 houses on Shipin   

   2004   Three frames, the 1st beijing architecture biennale   

   2003   House in tomorrow   



  atelier100s+1 competetion & exhibition return





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